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The online store available at http://directparts.eu is run by the Technozbyt company.
The company is located at Kokota Street 213 in Ruda Śląska, Poland.

We sell only to companies. For every sold product we issue EU VAT invoice.

Accepting and performing of orders.

The online Store directparts.eu hereinafter Store, sells goods via the Internet..

  1. Orders from customers are received by directparts.eu page. Immediately after placing the order the customer receives an e-mail message that the order reached Store
  2. In the case of orders submitted for the first time, paid on delivery or by wire transfer, execution begins after the customer e-mail confirming the order will reach the Store whereof the Client is informed at the closing submission of the order, each subsequent execution of the order paid on delivery or wire transfer begins immediately upon its receipt by the Store, whereof the Client is informed at the closing submission of the order. The order will be realized under the condition that the product is available in storage or from Store suppliers. In case of unavailability of the goods covered by the order the Customer is informed about the state of order and makes decisions about how to implement it (partial implementation or cancellation of all orders).
  3. Where goods are unavailable and it is the only item in the order, Store reserves the right to an unilateral cancellation of the order, whereof Client will be informed by separate e-mail.
  4. A limited number of goods is used for sales and special offers and execution of orders is in the order in which confirmed orders for such products until stocks are exhausted for this type of sales.
  5. The Customer may modify the order until the issue of the invoice The Customer may cancel the order in full before shipment.
  6. All products offered in the directparts.eu Store are brand new, free from physical and legal defects, and have been legally introduced on the European market.
  7. When placing an order in the Store the Customer agrees to his personal data being processed. Customer bear responsibility for giving false personal data
  8. Personal data is protected in accordance with the Law of 29.08.1997. „Personal Data Protection” (Dz.U.Nr 133 poz.883)

Prices of goods

  1. All commodity prices are given in Euro currency, excluded VAT.
  2. The price given for each product is binding at the time of placing the order by the Customer
  3. The Store reserves the right to change prices of goods on Store’s offer, to enter new products to Store’s offer, to carry out, cancel and modify special offers at the Store pages.
  4. Ordered goods are delivered by specialized couriers. The buyer is charged for delivery specified in the cost of delivery:
    There are the following forms of payment:
    • Dotpay - payment with credit card
    • By wire transfer -After booking the ordered goods in our warehouse.
      We issue a pro forma invoice from which payment is made. After posting the charges to our account a EU VAT invoice is issued to be attached to the shipment.
  5. Dealer price – for dealers we usually offer special prices, those special prices are available for resellers only.

Delivery time

The time of the delivery for each product is Niven. It tells you how many working days it usually takes from the confirmation of the order until the completion of ordered goods and preparation for shipment. Order for products with different time of execution is sent after completing the whole order, that is after the longest of times for the ordered products . If the execution time proves to be longer than shown on our website, we will contact the buyer to inform of the delay and confirm further willingness to keep the order.

  • deadline for receipt of shipment = order cycle time + time of delivery
  • Wire transfer payment - the deadline above is extended by the time of such transfers

Shipments are delivered by courier service - usually on the next working day after shipment from our warehouse. The Store is not responsible for delays in delivery caused by the failure of the courier service to comply with contracts of carriage.

The Store is not responsible for failure to deliver products or delay in delivery due to incorrect or inaccurate address provided by the Customer.


  1. All products available in the Store come from a legitimate source, are original and have
    a manufacturer’s quality guarantee.

  2. If, after receipt of the goods the customer finds manufacturing defects may receive benefits directly from the manufacturer’s guarantee or product in the designated service points (for products covered by manufacturer’s guarantee.)

  3. Client is entitled to lodge a complaint in the store where one of the following is found in the delivered commodity: manufacturing defects, mechanical damage occurring during transport. The basis for the complaint is drawing up the damage report confirmed by the courier, the incompatibility of the goods with the goods contained in the order

  4. Complaints are dealt with, within 14 days of receipt of the shipment of a product which is the subject of complaint.
    In case of acceptance of the complaint, the defective product will be repaired or replaced by another product of full value, and if it is no longer possible (for example, due to the exhaustion of stocks of goods), the Customer will be paid an equivalent of the price of the goods or offer other goods available in the Store to choose from. Store returns costs related to the return of the goods being subject of complaint, immediately after the acceptance of the complaint.

  5. Under the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products (Dz. U. Nr 22, poz. 271. art. 7), within 10 days after delivery of ordered goods, the consumer is entitled to its return without giving reasons for the withdrawal, according to general principles deriving from the provisions on distance contracts. In the event of withdrawal, the contract is not enforceable, and the consumer is released from any obligations The product returned in this mode will be accepted only if it is returned in the same state, unless a change was necessary in the ordinary management. This means that the product must be in original packaging, with complete contents and the product and accessories are intact. If you want to use the aforementioned right of return the goods must be returned at your own expense to the address Technozbyt Kokota Street 213 ,41-711 Ruda Slaska, Poland. The return shipment must be accompanied by a written declaration of withdrawal and the account number to which the shop has to refund the money. Store shall check the product within 2 working days. If the product meets the above. requirements, the Store will issue a corrective invoice. The original and a copy shall be sent by registered mail to the Customer. The Client should send a signed copy of the invoice correction, and after its receipt the store shall refund the money to your account, within 7 working days

  6. The Store guarantees repayment of the amount equal to the price of the goods. The money will be refunded within 5 working days by wire transfer to bank account specified by the Customer or by mail transfer to postal address indicated in the order. We do not accept any items returned by cash on delivery. The cost of returning the goods is not refundable

  7. Guarantee, and the right of withdrawal does not apply when the product is affected by external mechanical damage. Therefore, always, make sure the packaging is not damaged in transport before answering the mail from the postman or by courier. In particular, attention should be paid to the state of tapes or seals on the package. In case when container is damaged or if the seal (tape) is broken the Customer should not accept courier shipments and make the protocol in the presence of courier and contact the seller to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Verification of the consignment on delivery is a necessary condition to enable The Customer claims in case of damage or theft of the consignment for. The information on our website directparts.eu does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Civil Code. Customer making an order through the mechanisms available on our web pages, submits a bid to buy a particular product under the conditions specified in the product specification. The moment the contract of sale occurs during a written confirmation of receipt of goods by the customer on bill of lading consignment. Rules set out the principles of shopping in directparts.eu. Store. Placing an order is tantamount to agreeing to all terms and information contained in the rules.

  8. Special conditions apply to guarantees on goods purchased through resellers. Where goods are purchased at a special dealer price (the option wholesaler), the warranty is off, and the shop will not have the complaint in this case.

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